New Build Consultation

In the Process of Building a New Home? We understand the decision overload & importance of how vital it is that your Builder has all of your selections before framing even begins.  

What's included in the Consultation?

  • Virginia will review your blueprints to get a better idea of the layout, location and scale of your new home & gather all the necessary requirements from your Builder.
  • We will create a scope of work list for any areas and items you need help selecting.
  • We'll review the lighting plan to add on any areas that have been overlooked. In many cases, additional lighting is recommended to focal areas such as built-in book cases, nightstand areas and additional remote safety lighting for stairways.
  • We'll review any allowances given by your builder to discuss options and ideas on how to creatively get the lighting you desire all within budget.
  • Virginia will have a discussion about any Rustic Decor you may be interested in incorporating such as beams, mantle and barn doors. These items including any shiplap will require proper blocking during the framing stage prior to installation.
  • We will also discuss the options for window treatments, flooring such as hardwoods & tile, interior & exterior lighting fixtures and furnishings if needed.
  • By the end of the consultation I will have enough information gathered to follow up with a specific package price for sourcing all of your items & finishes and incorporating any additional design features your contractor will need to know.

*This package has best results if purchased at least 1 month prior to framing.

Follow these Simple Steps to Book your Consultation:

  1.  Purchase this Package
  2.  Schedule the Consultation
  3.  Gather a few inspirational images
  4.  Get your tools ready!

(You MUST have had a "Discovery Call" with us prior to consult.)