Commercial Design Consultation

What is a Commercial Design Consultation?

All of our projects begin with a Consultation, no matter how big or small the project.

A Commercial Design Consultation will equip you with all the significant key elements to make sure your interior design will attract and impress clients while adding in your company's brand image which plays a major role in the reputation and overall figure of your business.

What's included in the Plan?

  • Virginia will review your blueprints to get a better idea of the layout and scale of your space and discuss ways to improve floor plans and traffic flow.
  • We will help conceptualize a design that will flow cohesively with your floor-plan, aesthetic & marketing needs.
  • We'll review any existing or proposed lighting plan to be sure it's going to work within the space of the design & make suggestions on how to make improvements.
  • Virginia will ask lots of questions, take any necessary measurements and review coding issues.
  • We will also discuss the options for window and wall treatments, flooring, interior & exterior lighting fixtures, furnishings and custom accent features such as signage and decor.
  • By the end of the consultation Virginia will have enough information gathered to follow up with a guided design plan to reference at your convenience and fully execute the design.

* Plan does not include blue-prints.

* Fee is for Consultation and Guided Plan Package.

Allow us to take your project one-step further and launch it utilizing our stress-free project management strategy. Our Amazing Team will take your project from initial concept to final installation while handling all of the ordering, tracking and receiving of goods.

Follow these Simple Steps to Book your Consultation:

  1.  Purchase this Package
  2.  Schedule the Consultation
  3.  Gather a few inspirational images
  4.  Get Excited! We're about to Create Your Dream Space.

(You MUST have had a "Discovery Call" with us prior to consult.)